BK Gold Mines Pty Ltd (BKGM) is a private Australian mining company incorporated in 2014. The Company has approximately 35 shareholders. Its key focus is the development of its high-grade, high margin British King gold deposit in the Eastern Goldfields of Western Australia.

British King is located in the Darlot mineral field northeast of Leonora. The project is a high grade gold deposit and represents a near-term production opportunity leveraging on spare processing capacity either at the Darlot Mine owned and operated by RED5 Ltd located only 8km away, or other mills in the area. For details on the project refer our “Project” page: .

The area hosts numerous established gold producers with operational gold processing plants, many of which have spare capacity. BKGM’s strategy is to target high-grade deposits such as British King and leverage off such existing third party facilities thereby minimising investment in capital intensive stand-alone processing facilities and allow the Company’s resources to be deployed on value creating delineation of ounces ‘in the ground’.

The Company has commissioned a review of all available contemporary exploration and drill results in the historic Lake Darlot Mining Centre generated in the past 30 years. The report has been prepared by Dr Dennis Gee after a thorough review of the exploration history of the entire field including voluminous information from WAMEX reports and the painstaking review of over 2,000 drill holes. A new bedrock geological map generated by Dr Gee provides a revised geological context for the known gold occurrences, prospects and deposits in the area. This geological framework will enable BKGM to assess the potential for development of known deposits it is targeting in the area, and the potential for further discovery around known prospects including possible extensions of British King itself.

British King Project

Near term production opportunity strategically located close to processing plant